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LF Quads to start my family fling


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Hello, I am looking to get my wife and myself into FPV flying as cheep as possible. We both are new to the the Hobby I have bought an AR parrot 2.0 and its fun but not the experience I expected it to be with such limited range. My wife loves making new videos out of the FPV we get from the AR, and is now interested in getting her own footage lol. Again Can anyone help me find a ARF or BF quads for her and I to start out on. I have no build EXP what so ever but would be willing to try with detailed enough instructions. If anyone has any to sell I am willing to pay shipping or meet if you live close enough to the OKC area. Plz Help my family start this wonderful hobby. I am tired of just watching FT videos online lol


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What is your budget?

You state FPV (FPV is First Person / Cockpit View) but I think you mean Aerial Photography / Video.

Granted most AP craft are also FPV.



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Well, I would like to stay around 1,000 for the both of us. I know FPV comes over my phone with the AR Drone and I know that can make it more expensive for a set up. I guess I would like something I can fly for a reasonable distance. The AR gives me 100 yrds at the most. I would like something I can learn on. Like the electro hub. Cheep to repair if there are crashes. I just don't have the know how to build the Electro hub or the understanding of what parts I need and how to pair it with a Radio. I know FT has videos but its an endeavor I am afraid to take on my own. So in Short Im hoping there is an equivalent that is build and ready to go, and that is also in the range I'm looking for.
Are you still looking for a quad? I have a brand new, custom built and tuned 250mm quad. You just need to add a Spektrum remote and battery, besides that it is ready to fly. I can give you a deal if you are interested.


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Not trying to discourage a sale Highflyer98, but I think it would be good for both of them to built their quads wouldn't you?

There are so many reasons to build your own.
#1. You will understand how everything works.
#2. You can fix it when you crash it. (And you will crash it!)
#3. You can usually build cheaper than buying a ready to fly quad.
#4. It will make you a better pilot.
#5. You will feel the sense of accomplishment of building your own.

If nothing else, buy one and build one, just you you have the experience of building, tuning, and all of the above reasons!

Good luck and can't wait to see what you come up with!!!
I do agree with you that building your own quad is a great experience, but I personally believe that it is better to build your second or third quad. Building quads can be quite difficult and intimidating and I was happy that I bought my first quad rtf. once I got used to flying it and the basic principles to how it worked I was ready to build my own. Also to do a clean build you need to have good soldering skills and a quality soldering iron. plus I was planning on selling a brand new build that I personally did and was planning on giving Rrober88 a good price for it.


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I have tried to find local support and skills to help me build a quad but no luck so this is my next best option
Again, I am not suggesting that you don't buy the quad from Highflyer98 at all.

I am glad that you and your wife are getting in the hobby!

Good luck and let us know how it all works out. Looking forward to seeing videos from you both!



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I understand, I promise I'll build my own soon having my hands on one I think will help me learn it better than just online specs and videos