Lidl Glider RC conversion no 6. Biplane Build Blog and successful test flight!


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Finally got it pretty much sorted. 😀 Lidl glider RC conversion biplane, 3rd test flight was much more successful. Quite stable and relaxed easy flying. Just needs a little more elevator trimming as I was having to keep the nose up while flying. Needs a bit more trimming. I think main problem was CoG was way too far back. Shows the importance of getting CoG right!

Build blog is linked below too.



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Ha ha, I wish! This is my no 6 Lidl conversion , and I have about 15 planes, 3 small helis and half a dozen drones, mostly small ones.


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Oh no. I gave it to a friend who wanted to work on it. My second scratch build flew for a while and then died but never really flew around in the air. Only had a few hops. It got slammed into the ground so that is was damaged in a way which was unrepairable. You can see the photos here in this thread here. Oh well. Tonight I was working on my next plane which I have designed myself. I'll put the photos of the plane itself once I take some on the Albatross design/build log. Yeh. I think perseverance will pay off sometime.


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My all time favorite ones to convert were the older HiTec Hawkeyes. At 24" they are a perfect size for sub 250 FPV platform. Sadly i cant find anything similar to replace them so ive been using my remaining stash sparingly.

I've never used wish but i have found them on BG and Amazon a time or two, pretty well stocked on Lidl gliders! 😂

I think im going to try to RC the "cheetah" next...