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Lifting a digital camera


Elemental Madness
Well I finally pulled the plug on the parts for a tricopter V2.6HV. Everything arrived in the mail yesterday and I just opened it up! I was thinking that I might want to lift a digital camera with it though! Do you guys think I could lift THIS with it?
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I'd go GoPro over that though. You have a camera there that's not made to be bounced around, dropped in water or exposed to the elements. But it would be no problem lifting. Beware, the cannon cameras do not like to be bounced around when it's opening or adjusting the telephoto camera lens. My daughter went through two of them. Online it turns out to be a common fault. Great pictures though, just treat it nice.


lumpy member
I would say don wast your pennies and get the s100, not the s110. such a minor upgrade, just get the s100 (or even the s95) used for MUCH cheaper.
Almost the exact same weight as a 2200mah lipo.....should be a non issue. I assume you have given the camera a once over to see if there is anything that could be removed to save a few ounces.....without destroying the camera of course.


Misfit Multirotor Monkey
Yes Carbon, it will lift that with no problem. I've been using a Sony very similar to yours in size and shape with no problem at all with very similar components.

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