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Li'l Phil - Cute 2-channel UMX plane based on "Phat Phil"
Build thread found here:
Some time ago I came across a wonderfully cute, classic-looking balsa design called the Phat Phil by a designer named Hilmar Lange. ( I've had the plans saved on my computer for years, but never got around to building it. When I crashed my last UMX plane it freed up a set of electronics and inspired a thought. I could down-size the Phat Phil to 80%, build it from XPS foam, and throw in the electronics for a cute, simple flyer that weighs less than...

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How much does the airframe without the electronics weigh? it doesn't need to be too precise.
I'm afraid I didn't get that measurement. 65 grams without a battery. The Rx is somewhere around 2g, servos are somewhere around 2g each, and the motor is maybe 5-6g. No idea what the pushrods weigh. So guesstimated weight without electronics is somewhere less than 53g.