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I Have a Spektrum 2200mah 3s battery that i left plugged in a charger for 3 weeks. I briefly read that you can plug the dead battery into a fully charged battery for a few minutes, to get the voltage on the dead battery high enough so the charger can recognize it. is this a good idea? if not, how can i recover my battery?

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I've 'woken' up over discharged cells on packs before by charging as a lead acid battery for a short while. It does work but if usually if a pack gets over discharged the cells are rarely good anymore.
If you want to try it, do it outside, on concrete etc.
Okay! My charger is a s120 and does not have that feature. Would it be a good idea to directly plug the discharged battery onto a fully charged battery?


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There is no solution. An over discharged LiPo is chemically damaged. Even if it recovers at all it will not achieve anything like its nominal capacity or power capability.
The fact your charger does not recognise it is a specific feature built in to reduce the possibility of a LiPo fire resulting from trying to charge a damaged LiPo.
You need a replacement battery and to dispose of the dead one in a suitable way. Trying anything else is simply asking for trouble.