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Hello Guys. I have a question. I have a brushless motor with 3-5 LiPo cells. Then a Brushless Controler with 2-6 cells. Now i will buy a lipo battery. How many cells Do I need.

I saw this battery: http://www.conrad.ch/ce/de/product/239044/Conrad-energy-LiPo-Akku-222-V-2700-mAh-30-C-XH

But I dont know how many cells it has.

PS. The controler needs 7.2-22.2 V operating voltage, the motor 20-48, the BES system 8-26 V and the receiver 6 V.

thanks for your Help.


That is a 6 cell battery. LiPo batteries are rated at 3.7 volts per cell. The most important determining factor in selecting a voltage is the size and performance of the aircraft you are using it in. What are you using this for?
That is a six cell battery.

Without knowing more about your power system or needs, a vote going with a three or four cell.

1 cell- 3.7 volts
2 cell- 7.4 volts
3 cell- 11.1 volts
4 cell- 14.8 volts
5 cell- 18.5 volts
6 cell- 22.2 volts


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Aha i can't using a six cell battery with my motor? But i cant using a 14.8 V LiPo because the motor needs 20-48 operating voltage