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Thanks, but I'm 99.99% sure this thread should be in the 'Merchant's Corner'.

BMSWEB has a nice little video comparing the EGO to the GoPro side by side.
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I don't get the friction.
I put a video in the video thread.
People have put videos in the GoPro threads right?
I just wanted people to enjoy this video.
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No friction here..I have asked, you have answered...I think.
The other videos are from users not retailers, which you are the latter.

Enjoy the videos, we will, in both threads.
Thanks for posting.

I personally don't like either because of the non aerodynamic design of both cameras for flying.
Is this the friction you are having trouble understanding? lol just poking some fun...

JMHO though.
Now that the #16 808 camera can be used with a live feed, costs less than $60.00 delivered anywhere in the world( 1/3 the cost of the unit you're selling), and offers this in a package that won't interfere with the flying characteristics of most planes...and I can switch between 3 different lenses....etc..etc..
On the other hand, if I were given a waterproof version of either the GoPro 3 or the camera you carry, I wouldn't hesitate for a moment mounting it on the front of my kayak.

But this IS in the video thread, so I won't comment on the camera....
Nice Video. Nice flying field too.
What's with the advertising in the video? Is this a promo or something? (again...laugh with me here!!!)
I see that you are having the louvered effect with the prop, so I will ask, what rate was the video shot in?
30fps or 60fps?
I suspect it was shot at 30...can you shoot one at the 60 rate and post it...where ever you want.


5k FB Friends Airshowrc
Hi Paul,
The EGO is waterproof. More info here:
Lense change controlled via smart phone.
As for the advertising in the video.
I make these videos primarily for the YouTube market.
I just insert them here.
Shooting can be 30 or 60fps. I am not sure of the setting for this video.
Thanks Pal! Richard