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Little help, looking for electronics for swappable pod.


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I have been watching the channel on youtube for a little while and flying for a few weeks, (I and a few friends and family memebers picked up the Hobbyzone Champ and have been loving it) and I would love to get into the swappable stuff FT is doing. It looks like a good way to learn a lot about the hobby in general and I can gain a lot of experience without spending a lot of money on new planes every time I hit the ground hard. Problem is I can't find all the electronics for the pod.

I'm trying to order 2 of everything needed so a good friend of mine and I can start building these things. Hobby King, while a great place for great prices, is a very poor place to find things in stock as far as I can tell. I've been looking on that site for a few weeks for the parts and have yet to find all the needed pieces. Servos they have, ESCs they have, everything else on the list is sold out of the US warehouse if it was ever there in the first place. Even other places I have looked at are out of stock on most of these things. Most notably I simply can not find the right motor for these things anywhere.

All I need is a place to get the parts and I'm set. So please, if you know any place that has these things I can order in the US fill me in. I want to fly! I'm having a great time with what I have but I want to get in on this as well. Any information helps. I understand Hobbyking sponcers the show, and for that I do want to support them, but they haven't had the parts in a few weeks, so I'm running low of patients. Thanks for your time.
You'll probably need to order stuff from Hobbyking's international warehouse if you want to go with them. It'll take longer to get there (especially now since we're just two days past chinese newyear, so the backlog is likely still a mess)

Generally HK's prices are pretty reasonable, and with any moderate sized order shipping sucks a lot less. Just try to avoid ordering lipos international as most of the good shippers won't do lipos internationally.

As for alternative sites, a few are listed on FT's site: http://flitetest.com/articles/swappable-fuselage-speed-build-kit

You can also check your local hobby shop, as he parts are fairly common. HK;s US warehouse may also have variations of out of stock parts that work. I ended up ordering some Zippy 500s from the UK warehouse last week that were only a bit more than the out of stock turnigys.


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There is no local hobby shop for planes around me. I can get Blade helis and the parts for them, and all the RC car and truck stuff I want (as long as it is made by Traxxas that is) but nothing much for planes around here. There is one guy that has a little, but his store hours are funny, and the place is actually a coin shop. His wife is fast to point out that the planes are not part of the business too. So you really have to catch him there and alone or there is no soup for you. Thanks for the link, I'll find what I can there too.


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Gravey, GraysonHobby has a very nice cheap motor called the disposable sport combo, esc and motor for $20. I love it myself. they have a lot of the odds and ends you need as well, music wire, plugs, etc. Another option is Altitude hobbies, the Suppo 2208 1450kv Flitetest recommends will fly them all, but it with the esc it will run about $10 more. I do go to Hobbyking U.S. for quick batteries and servos. You have to hit a couple of stores to get everything if you want it within a week.