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Local info for a visit to Chi-town?


Hostage Taker of Quads
Hey folks, looking for some local info!

Got a work trip coming up to Chicago this week (11/11/2013) -- I'll be there 1.5 wks, but might not have more than Sunday and the odd short day to go fly.

So anyone up there still flying this late into Fall? Any good ideas for goofing off w/ RC?

The work site is in the Schaumburg area, but after driving 850 mi, what's a few more to get to a flying field?

I'll be bringing along a Bloody Wonder and a V-tail (which may only see an abandoned parking lot, if all else fails :( ).



Junior Member
Hey Dan!
This is a super late reply, but I live about 20 minutes from Schaumburg. Theres a big park by my house that has about 7 soccer fields. Theres never a lot of people there. Thats where I do my flying. If you're ever in the area again, hit me up! Would love to fly with you sometime!