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Lomo-Copter (Tricopter Lomography)


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Lomo Copter - 1.jpg Lomo Copter - 26.jpg

Diana F+ is a lo-fi film camera that shoots on 120 film. When equipped with an Instant Back the camera can shoot on Fuji Instax Mini film.

Lomo Copter - 2.jpg Lomo Copter - 20.jpg

Now, attach this Lomo camera to a Tricopter and you get... a Lomo-Copter!

Lomo Copter - 4.jpg Lomo Copter - 17.jpg Lomo Copter - 5.jpg Lomo Copter - 14.jpg

Mounted to the front of our multirotor is the Diana F+ Retro Film Camera and David also attached an FPV camera to the Diana F+ viewfinder which will allow for the photographer to see what he will be capturing.

Lomo Copter - 21.jpg

The Diana F+ with the Instant Back and loaded with film weighs about 500grams, but that's not a problem for our tricopter which is setup with NTM Prop Drive Series 28-30A 750kv / 140w motors!

Lomo Copter - 3.jpg Lomo Copter - 8.jpg Lomo Copter - 9.jpg Lomo Copter - 11.jpg

As David flies the Tricopter into place, Josh sees the shot he'd like to take and then snaps the photo by throttling up on his radio. He ejects the photo with a switch which will activate the on-board servo.

Lomo Copter - 6.jpg Lomo Copter - 12.jpg

Our Tricopter is equipped with a Hobbyking KK2.0 Multi-rotor LCD Flight Control Board which will help keeping the multi-rotor stable especially on a windy day like today!
Lomo Copter - 18.jpg lomo-copter_photo6.jpg

The Instant Back has a push button that releases the exposed Fuji Instant Film. We've equipped a servo switch that can be activated by the photographer so they can eject exposed photos and continue to take pictures while the Tripcopter is in the air!

Lomo Copter - 15.jpg Lomo Copter - 27.jpg

The FPV camera is mounted to the Diana F+ camera viewfinder with a custom made camera mount. The mount is made from InstaMorph moldable plastic.

Check out this video of Chad using InstaMorph to make a replacement mount for the Twin Star II.

Lomo Copter - 13.jpg Lomo Copter - 10.jpg Lomo Copter - 7.jpg Lomo Copter - 25.jpg

Josh will be snapping and ejecting the Instant Film photos with a seperate radio. He'll be seeing what the camera sees with his Fat Shark FPV Goggles.

Lomo Copter - 19.jpg Lomo Copter - 24.jpg lomo-copter_photo17.jpg

In the digital age that we live it, we thought it'd be fun to mount this Diana F+ lomography camera setup with the Instant Back and capture one-of-a-kind instant film aerial photos.

lomo-copter_photo7.jpg lomo-copter_photo16.jpg lomo-copter_photo11.jpg Lomo Copter - 22.jpg lomo-copter_photo2.jpg lomo-copter_photo3.jpg lomo-copter_photo15.jpg lomo-copter_photo8.jpg Lomo Copter - 16.jpg lomo-copter_photo9.jpg lomo-copter_photo10.jpg lomo-copter_photo14.jpg lomo-copter_photo4.jpg

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Equipment mentioned in this episode:

Diana F+ lomography camera

Instant Back (Instant Film camera add-on)

Fatshark AttitudeSD FPV Goggles - with Built in Headtracker

Tricopter Motors
NTM Prop Drive Series 28-30A 750kv / 140w motors

KK2.0 Control Board



lumpy member
awesome! I had just been wondering about putting my diana on a tri… and then you did it!

any idea when you will be doing the ft-cruzer?


Junior Member
Looks like the airframe was heavily unbalanced. ;-) But the photos! They even have solarization effect, like some FPV cameras! Lomofpvgraphy!


Elemental Madness
I think this is one of my favorite episodes yet! Just a really cool project guys, very creative :D

The question is, when does the tricopter V2.6HV build hit the 'tube? :D