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Long Range RC System

Hey Gang

I am trying to decide which Long Range RC System to get. I currently own a Futaba 6EX and I am starting to push the limits of its range from what I've read. Below is a list of possibilities with pros and cons;

At 08:30:00 EDST BevRC is down. From what I remember reading though this is a plug and play system for Futaba. It is relatively inexpensive but it is out of stock.

From what I understand the build quality is a little better than Chainlink. I have however seen a problem in binding the system (see link)

This system looks interesting. Very upgradeable but expensive. The TX alone is $250!

FrSKY is a 2.4GHz system which no different than what I currently have.

Very involved!

Be interested in your thoughts.


Hey iceracer300

I like your suggestion. I have been looking at the following site;

Range Video

The FrSky systems looks very affordable. There seems to be a lot of videos explaining how to connect a Turnigy 9X to FrSky. Unfortunately, I own a Futaba 6EX. The only simple way I can think of connecting a FrSky unit is via the trainer port.


Hi iceracer

Thanks for the links. The first video looks like my Futaba 6EX 2.4GHz. Unfortunately there is not quite enough detail for me to confidently make the switch. It did get me thinking of how to achieve this in a far simpler less permanent manner by connecting the FrSky V8HT via Futaba Trainer Port on the back of the unit (see below). It would allow me to connect the PPM out, GND and +ve without opening the Futaba unit. I could install the FrSky unit in a zippy box on the back similar to Chainlink/Dragonlink.


I'd be interested in your thoughts.