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Looking For Fellow RC Pilots

For the past 4 years, I have greatly enjoyed the hobby of RC Airplanes. Previously, my house backed onto a golf course where I would spend hours flying my planes. I have just recently moved to West Vancouver, just outside of Horseshoe Bay, and I am looking for fellow pilots to fly with. If anyone lives in the area and would like to connect, please respond.
I live in Surrey BC (i know this is an old post) and Just starting to get into the RC Airplane side of the Hobby (done Drones and Helicopters since i was 14). With the current regulations it's tough finding a place to fly. I have a School field i fly at that can be debated if i can fly there or not since the middle of the Field is in the fly zone but the edges are not


Flew the prop off it.

Pilot in Sechelt here. I am coming into town on a semi regular basis now. I fly micro quads now because I have to use public transport to get anywhere.