Looking for good source for Vortex 180 stock props (HQ Prop 4x4.5 PC, White)


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I bent my last set of stock props for my 180 while flying today. I lost 2 when landing badly on gravel on the weekend before that. It isn't too bad but I've been trying to restock my supplies and I have yet to find anyone that stocks the exact props in the high visibility white. My last vortex 150 (red/black) got lost in tall grass and I've been loving how easy to spot the white props are. Has anyone found a good source? I want to buy 20+ sets

Rotor Riot has 4045 HQProps "Durable" Poly Carbonate in black. This is my backup option if I can't find the white. They are $1.85 each with ~$9 shipping. The look like the same prop, just black. Anyone have any luck finding the same prop in white or cheaper in bulk?


Also, how tolerant are these props to just being bent back into place. My APC props show obvious stress marks once bent but these seem to go right back into place with a little pressure. Has anyone had them explode after just bending them? They are 'durable' after all.