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looking for help search an recovery

I just bought my first plane an during a take off I lost sight of the plan in the sun. I think it went down in a field of high weeds. Im looking for some one with fpv to search for it from the sky ill pay for the help. I lokkedfor it for 4 hours but search area an high weeds make it difficult to find it is a trainer form horizon. Im in ohio near Youngstown.
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creator of virtual planes
Bummer. If you don't find it at least learn from it and buy an alarm to help you find it next time. But sometimes you have to search through the field in a pattern and go out wider and wider because it could have easily landing no where near where you think it is.
I grew up in Girard but live in St. Louis now; otherwise I would help...sorry dude (or dudette),

Best bet is to grab some buddies, form a line, and walk across the field.

The high grass can help you keep track of where you've been.
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