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looking for plane for a lite 3D fam board plane


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So I have build a few ft planes now and want to make something they do not have yet.

I have this 2805/50 24g Motor (or alternatively a power pack A : MT1806 ) with quite a few 2s 360 mah batteries. With this setup, the motor can apparently generate around 280g of thrust (with a 9*4.7). I could make those batteries 3s by taking them appart if you think 2s would be too small.

So now I am looking for plans for a 3d plane made of basic foamboard that would fit this setup. I would fly it outdoor but with very little to no wind. I am not looking for anything spectacular regarding 3d performance and would prefer something that's easy to build and flies well in most maneuvers.

Do you know any plane that could fit that description ? (and which motor should I use) So far I have found only a few depron plane that could fit this setup on RC groups and other forums.


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Try looking up "OldGuyRC" online he has a number of small designs using Depron and the KFM wing construction. Whilst the designs might not be wholly suitable for what you envisage they may give you a few pointers.

As they are profile designs you might considering cutting lightening holes in the FB and sheeting the FB in the thinnest balsa available, (.5mm). Sheeted thus no CF reinforcement would be required.

As for the battery choice the smaller and lighter the better for what you stated that you require.

Good luck in your search. If you can't find the website or it has closed down just let me know and I will post some herein for you.


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Ok, so you're not seeing what you like, but that's all we have to go on. You're asking us to find you a rock, and when someone brings you one, the reply is "Nope. Don't like that one. Bring me another rock." without clarifying what you're looking for.

So we have "3D plane" and a particular motor to build it around . . . so what does "descent plan" mean to you? Give us some chance of helping you -- even a "Plan XYZ (link) is sorta like what I want, except . . ." will go a long way toward helping you without wasting our time finding another rock you don't like.