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Looking for some input on next steps


I have recently discovered the world of electric R/C flight and am enjoying it immensely!

My wife and I (both Ham Radio Operators) have been flying inductrix quads for about 3months
and have become fairly proficient in flying in stability mode (I have also become pretty handy
with repairs :p). We are using Spectrum DX6 controllers and are looking to take the next step
and see that it can go 3 different ways and looking for some voices of experience to guide us.

Option #1: move up to FPV with the inductrix platform (aka TinyWhoop) and purchase some

Option #2: move up to the new Vortex 150; learn to handle that platform, then move to FPV.

Option #3: build a versacopter II learn to handle that platform, then move to FPV.

Thoughts? My guess is that we'll eventually end up with both tinywhoops and larger FPV
quads, but not sure on the best path?

Input would be appreciated.


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My vote is to go for the versacopter and build that into a fpv quad over time. That is basically my plan. I built the versacopter v2 and am learning how to fly. I am pretty good at hovering but am not so confident flying patterns and circles yet. I've only run about 5 packs on it so far just hovering. It has soooo much more power than the toy grade quad I was learning on.


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Another FPV option you might want to consider is the Nano QX2. It is only a little larger than the Tiny Whoop but the flight times a bit longer.

Building your own is my next step. I'm currently building a Tricopter V4.
One great thing about the versacopter is you can use the same frame with different length arms and put various builds on it. It's really VERSAtile ;)

Piecing one together is an amazing and rewarding experience. The bigger you go the more fragile the craft will be but don't let that stop you. A solid build would be something that runs 6 inch props and is made to be more efficient so you're not just running into 3minute flight times. On my older versacopter it's using Lumenier 30a esc's and 2206/2000kv Lumenier motors + 6045 props. pair that up with a Kombini and it's a super simple build for learning on.


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Thanks for the input, which options did you go with for your versacopter?

I bought mine 2nd hand in the for sale section. It came with the good motor option. When I break too much I will most likely upgrade to the better option since I think the motors and esc are a little better. With the basic set up it flies very fast and is pretty stable. I made some landing gear out of old pc packaging. It has really help me not destroy the quad.