Looking for suggestions on improving performance of 140% scaled up Swappable Mustang


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I scaled up the swappable Mustang by 140%, ended up with a wingspan of about 57". I used the XL Scout power pack (2814 motor, 3200 mAh, 12x4.5), it flies rock solid and was trimmed perfectly. It was a bit sluggish, changed to a 12x6 prop, more zip for sure but only getting 2 1/2 minute flight times and not even flying it super aggressively. I welcome any thoughts or suggestions on how to improve it. Thanks.


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My guess is you would need to build a new wing like nerdnics speedwing design, the ft planes typically use a high lift high drag wing for great handling. But they dont do speed as well as other shapes. streamlining the nose more with a propeller hub and possibly a cowl. Drag of the landing gear isnt helping, so make them retractable. That's the basics from what I can see


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Thanks for your thoughts, much appreciated. My next version will be 125% (as opposed to 140%). I've taken the plans for the wings from the Master Series Mustang and have scaled them to 125%. I'll look into retracts. Again, thanks!