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Looks like Variable Pitch quads are on there way to market...


Gremlin on the Wing
Here is some footage of a NEW 3D VP Quad designed by Curtis Youngblood (one of the pioneers of 3D helis).

There have been some discussions by HobbyKing about developing a VP Quad, and Bergen RC have also been hinting around about one they have been working on.

The times they are a changin'!!!


Ok, I will concede that this is pretty freaking cool. And, I will unashamedly state that I had to stop watching due to the high quality beer I have been enjoying. And, that HAS to be either Texas or Oklahoma. Thurmond?


Misfit Multirotor Monkey
Yes, I've been waiting for variable pitch quads to come to market since this early this year. With that kind of control, we'll be using them to inspect drainage pipes in a year or two!