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Lost plane

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
I just found this on Craigslist. Had to share.

Lost my Super cub rc plane today around Ptarmigan area. Was flying it at Ptarmigan elementary but lost control and it was gliding to the east neighborhood area.
Please let me know if you find it. It has a white body and the propeller has two yellow stripes on it. Call or text me at 907-XXX-XXXX. Thanks!

What a bad way to end your flying day.


Old age member
There is a reason why most old experienced pilots put the telephone nbr and name on a sticker or dymo on their planes.


Senior Member
That is a bad way to end your flying day,
I put my telephone # and my name and info on my plane, and a note saying i will give theam $$ for it back
and the AMA say you have too have your info on your plane, So I have bean told ????


More combat please...
Yeah, that sucks. We just recently had a young flyer watch his plane fly away. It landed itself approx three miles away next to the road by the lake. Fortunately another pilot found it and worked through the local forum to get him his plane back.Sometimes there is a happy ending :)

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
Let's hope this poor guy has the same luck and someone gets it back to him. And hopefully they aren't handing him a bill for damages at the same time.

Joker 53150

Mmmmmmm, balsa.
That was almost me today, I'm embarrassed to say. First flight of the Super Cub, and things were going OK until I let the plane get over the school we were flying at. I lost the plane in the sun, and then watched it head straight down over the trees. Half an hour of searching found nothing, so we hopped in the car to check the subdivision past the trees. The cub was found on a front lawn 5' from the road and 5' from a driveway, upside down with absolutely no damage at all. My name is in the plane now...