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LOST sound on my DX6 G3

Hi all,

This is a strange one. After trying to bind with another DX6 for the purpose of wireless buddy, I packed the tx away for the rest of the week. Today I decided to check it out for my flying day on Saturday, onlt to find I have no sound from it all, not a tweet.

Has anyone had this happen to them, and if so, how do I rectify this problem. Everything looks normal etc, ie, 'spoken sound etc.

Many thanks all.



Master member
Go into system settings , go to the next page and make sure you did not accidently turn off sounds. or change your volume controls.
Many thanks for the reply Bricks, but I really have just about tried everything, but obviously missed something. I'll just have to keep on trying I suppose . Today I realised that I couldn't even bind to a receiver, so maybe the problem is more deep seated eh. Looks like it could be a hammer job.
Sorry to doubt you BrickRed Rock, but I've just realised I've been doing this to turn the volume up and down since I've been using the DX6's, but I gave it a go anyway, but still no luck. I'm beginning to think I might need a new Sound Board inside the unit. I'll have to open it up and check to see if there's anything come adrift. Thanks anyway.
There are sound settings in extra settings too. Go to system setup, system settings, (click next), click system sounds, and see that all sounds are active. Hope it helps.
Hiya Diggington,

Thanks for that,but, already done that, and still no good. I've now put the TX in the hands of a Spektrum engineer to try and fix for me, so maybe he can get some results. If he does, I'll let you folks know what the outcome is.
Hiya all.

I did say that if the engineer could fix it, I'd tell you what the problem was. Well, he's fixed it. He first thought that the speaker had blown, replaced it, but no difference, so tracing back, he found a fault with the sound board, replaced that, and bingo, problem solved, back to full working order, so, many thanks to all who offered a suggestion. I can finish with this thread now, knowing that all is fine.