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Elemental Madness
I recently ordered about $90 worth of parts from Hobbyking's international warehouse. Last Thursday it "left Singapore" according the the Swiss post. I haven't heard from it since... Has this happened before? It is going to the US.


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Swiss post. I haven't heard from it since...
I assume you purchased Lipos? If so the tracking is pretty poor when it comes to Swiss Post, but I'm pretty sure it will get to you soon. I'm yet to have a Hobby King order not get to me. I up to order number 22 now . . hate to imagine how much I have spent with them


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I've actually had Lipos take 6 weeks to get here (Australia), having said that the norm for me has been 4 weeks. The tracking was of no use at all, so don't panic just yet. My order 21 was for 2 aircraft, esc's, motors etc. Order 22 was for Lipos mainly. I did it in 2 orders because I didn't want the models delayed.

Looks its a pain but its a massive saving, hence why HK gets most of our business with the exception of some very specific gear.


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thanks man, I was freakin' out!
That's funny because we've all be through that! My first HK order was from the Aussie Warehouse and I got my order in 3 Days! Then I purchased from international and it took a couple of weeks and then came the LiPos and they seemed to be heading all over the world with the exception of heading this way lol

My order 21 is now in transit with Driver :) hope it gets delivered before I have to pick up my son from school :)


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thanks man, I was freakin' out!
Dont - until after the 45 days stated when you order.
The China orders are low priority on the flight and left to when there is an empty space on a plane.
The Lipo is sometimes kept on other places waiting for transfer from one plane to another.
And the tracking during the international stops are bad.You
will normally see when the package leaves HongKong Airport and the tracking continues when it arrives in your country - if you are happy. Many times you get the parcel before the tracking info is updated.
You should always order locally from a place with good reputation if you need your things "next day".
Most countries have webshops selling same parts as HobbyKing.


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Yeah - Swiss Post can be slow. I placed an order on 4/2 that included a few Lipos. Swiss Post finally handed it over to the USPS on 4/18, and it was delivered on 4/23. So - three weeks from placing the order until it arrived. The few HK orders I've had that used HongKong Post have been delivered in about 10 days.
+1 On everything that has already been said. I actually stopped trying to buy lipos from HK China, and cherry pick what is available from the US warehouse. (It's very hit or miss with the lipo you want being in stock in the US warehouse, but nice to know it wont take 3-4 weeks to get to you.) I also poke around the smaller, US based online stores for lipos.

With the EMS Express (NO LIPO) shipping option, orders usually take about a week to California from the China warehouse.


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Ya my first order took about 7-8weeks to get to me from the HongKong HK Warehouse , which isn't bad considering where I live.