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Love to see dedicated Aura 5 forum


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(Gently) Yes you are, but the details are important and not provided. I did computer systems development and the first time I had to work with a tech writer to document the system I was developing, I was FLOORED! at the difference between their documentation and mine. Theirs was so much better that after that I always requested a tech writer be assigned to any project I was working on. The cost was substantial too!

PS. Playing now with the Spektrum SRXL2 receiver. I can change the parameters in the Aura, but it is "klugy"

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In the 1930's car manuals told you how to change and set the spark plugs and distributor points. Today's manuals tell you not to drink the liquid in the battery!
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HELLO Flite Test! I'd REALLY LIKE TO SEE a sub-forum for the Aura board under "RC Radios, Transmitters and Receivers". You are using Xenforo so not really difficult to do.
Thanks Randy, love your thoughts. And love your use of HTML. :D


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i couldn't agree more. another thing is these days people expect that everything should be done for them or should be done within 5 minutes.
meanwhile you have to work to learn.. you don't just suddenly know something