Loving my Orqas/Tango 2 - FPV Freestyle Video

Now that I have better gear (Orqa/Tango 2) I feel like I'm starting to become a decent pilot. So glad FPV gear is developing and becoming a bigger market. Could you imagine if FPV/RC stuff was 10% as big as video game industry? We are a small/unique hobby with a bright and limitless future (if the FAA doesn’t crush us).
Also, I should probably make something clear. This is the CL1 budget build kit with Vanover motors. It was a lot smoother before I lost it doing long range/did not recover for 3 months. The bearings are so rusted that the motors barely turn, two of them are actually quite hard to spin lol. After each flight they are so hot I cannot touch the bells without burning my hand. Hopefully I can source some bearings soon... If your looking for a new build I recommend anything with the Vanover motors/hobbywing esc and try Vanovers rates/tune that are posted on the Rotor Riot store.


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really nice rip man! If the motors are getting that hot you should either rebuild (bearings if that's all that is needed) or scrap them.