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Low cost build


Junior Member
Hi everyone, I have been following various threads and now i want to build my first RC build, a quadcopter. I have a budget of 400$
I think this setup can work fine, what think guys?

HJ 450 quad Frame

x5 Sunnysky motors 2212 1250kv (one for the crash box)

x5 30A ESC Hobbyking Blue Series (one for the crash box)

KK2.0 board

Fpv kit 900Mhz 200mW

x2 3300mah 3S 30C Lipo

x2 800Mah 3S 20C lipo (for fpv tx and rx)

already have 9x radio tx and rx


Misfit Multirotor Monkey
Looks good to me. Throw in some 9" props and you're good to go.

If I were to suggest anything, and this is not critical in the least, is to mention securitycam2000 has a similar but slightly better FPV cam over that bundled sony cam in that kit. Here's a guy comparing the HK one to the securitycam2000 one. BUT, as I said, it's close to the entire HK FPV kit, so it's merely a suggestion. Maybe something to look at if you break the HK cam.


Misfit Multirotor Monkey
Oh. I should've mentioned, I'm not just suggesting this from a review. I bought one a couple weeks ago and got it quick about 5 days ago and have been messing with it. If you follow this forum, you may have seen I lost a quad in the massive woody area behind my house, which had my Foxtech V3 on it.

This Sony CCD is much better FPV-wise than that cam. Albeit the V3 had 1080P record capability. But the Sony CCD HAD is MILES better in low light than the Foxtech V3. So much so, I believe I'll be able to do some night flying with it.