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Lumenier qav210 or RcExplorer Mini Tricopter build?

Im looking to upgrade from my 3s RoboCat 270 build, but I'm not sure on what frame to get. I'm planning to get new motors and escs too.

Can someone list the pros and cons of each? Which frame is better for what?

Has anyone used any of the frames? Especially the mini tricopter, is it any good? There is not many videos on it on youtube.

Also, what electronics would you recommend? Also, I do not want to spend a ton of money, maybe around $200-$250 for the frame, motors, and esc's.
Do you need a QAV210. Crazypony H210 is a fraction of a price, and at the end of the day, the frame is just a bunch of sticks holding your components.

I fly with a Reptile Martian 255mm frame and absolutely love it. Picked it up for $35 on ebay vs getting a Impulse RC Alien 5" for $110.

This would free up a lot of money for better upgrades like your motors and ESCs.

As for those, it depends on what type of flying are you doing...

Me personally I have been looking at emax RS2205 2300KV red bottoms or the Lumenier 2206 2350KV. Good for tight course fpv races where you need alot of torque to flip around and punch out of a turn.

ESCs, sadly I will probably jump on the KISS band wagon and go for KISS 24A ESCs

These motors and ESCs combined with a knock off Crazypony H210 will put you at the max of $250, but will be one hell of a power pack


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I'm a quad fan. I've been planning a QAV210 build with a Lux FC ($40), RROSD PDB ($35), Emax R2205 2300s ($80), and DYS XM20As (~$50). This crazypony has me intrigued. My only concern is that some reviews suggest that 5" props will not fit.