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Made In The USA

RC Microlights, Ultralights, Trikes, Autogyros, Helicopters, Multicopters, Pilots

I am surprised this was not listed earlier as this company is hard to miss while looking anything RC related to the categories listed via Google. A very small company, but still 100% USA made products and in operation since 1999. Not the quickest in terms of delivery but worthwhile if you like unique model kits with a touch of extra care in the way they are manufactured, assemble and fly. Many products are 'custom made' to customer requirements which require more time and detailed labor.

First company to do micro and palm-size helicopter kits and offer upgrades for same.
High Performance, High Durability, Realism
Scale RC Microlights, RC Ultralights, RC Trikes, RC Autogyros, RC Helicopters, RC Multicopters,
RC Pilots, RC Scale Cockpits, and Upgrades for RC Models, in general.
Established 1999.
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