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Made In USA Aluminum Quadcopter Frames

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The video above is a comparison between our aluminum frame and a G10 counter part. It tests things like strength, weight, and overall durability. The idea came about after we got tired of buying knockoff G10 frames online, each time we crashed hard we pretty much needed a new frame. So I had an idea, what if we tried something that not many people had thought of. Aluminum. So I designed a set standard 450 deadcat center plates and sent it off to be cut. The results were pretty impressive it was very flexible when not on a frame -- we initially bent it in a circle, around itself, and then unbent it, flattened it, and made a frame -- but when on a frame it was rock solid with just a little flex. So, when you crash it absorbs some of the shock. The other great thing shown in the video is that you can abuse it and in the end all you need to do is flatten it out, that makes for easy field repairs. Can you do that with G10? Which would you trust on your quad?

The frames are manufactured in NJ, out of .030 Aircraft Grade Aluminum, by Diversatech Inc.

We are currently sell the frames, if you are interested go to our website and email us. Below are some pictures of the frames on a quadcopter.




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