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Maiden flight


New member
It was supposed to be 50s with light wind today so I went out for my first flight ever.

It was so much fun... It took a couple attempts to get the takeoff direction right into the wind, and my landings were a bit nose-down, but nothing broke and no crashes!

I used a 1300mAh and 2200mAh battery and I think the heavier one flew better, especially in the wind. I was using 60% throws and expo.

One thing I noticed was the built-in battery telemetry from the receiver was jumping all over so I just landed after a bit and checked the voltage. Think I'll either get a voltage alarm or a separate battery telemetry module.

I (and my daughter) loved it!



Legendary member
Nice Cub looks good, even after your first flight. It's good to see kids light up when a plane gets airborne. One thing I did notice about your plane though, no windows. How the hell does the pilot see where he is going? :LOL::ROFLMAO:


Legendary member
Dang, why couldn't I get that lucky on my first flight ever? I was lucky I found all the pieces of the plane afterward.

Great looking plane too! I want to build another Simple Cub. As if already having built 5 wasn't enough...