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Maker Foam


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That's why I say fb is just a stepping stone. As you go up in scale traditional building techniques make more and more sense.

I think if you want to make something big and fun for just a few flights, the maker foam is a good choice but if large scale get to be your thing I'd say it's time to step up to more traditional methods.

I myself plan to use it for smaller builds... 😄
I see potential in it working well for single layer builds


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I think it has to do with enlarging plans. I thought the thick maker foam was so you can enlarge any FT plan to 185% and it would build normally without have to change the plans, other than enlarging. Enlarging a plan to 200% would work fine if you just used two thickness or regular foam. Any other ratio and you have to edit the plans to accommodate the thickness of the foam for tabs and any fold cavities. Maker foam makes it easy for anyone to make a big FT plane. Just enlarge by 185% and no problems. Most folk would have a hard time printing much less editing the plans correctly.


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I feel the master series and thicker foam board is used to challenge those who feel they have mastered the usual FT plane. I've built 15 different FT planes, some multiple times. I usually always change things up a bit, some minor, some drastic. My point being is that I always enjoy going that step further.
The P-38 SB kit is listed at $70, yes the electronics add to that but if your done with the plane you usually keep the electronics for your next build, so to me your out $70 (maybe $80 or 90 if you include paint and glue) not 200. Planes of that wingspan/size out of Hobby King cost around the $200 mark and don't usually come with electronics. Sure they are less work to put together but I personally enjoy building FB planes, plus if I crash and break something its usually cheaper to fix.
I don't think FT is pricing themselves out of the market, their just catering to a different group.
My 0.02 cents
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I agree with @mrjdstewart to spend that much money on foam board is something I don't want to do
I can see your point, and there is price/value in there to consider for sure, but I think y'all are being pretty hard on the ol' FT foam board! 😄

I spent almost $400 on my FMS beaver and It's just foam...

Theres always more than one way to skin a cat and It might not be for everyone but I've always felt like I get my smiles per dollar out of anything I've purchased from FT.

Maybe I'm biased though, I regularly burn a hundred bucks in just a few minutes at the range with my other hobby! 🤣

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I bought some standard and monster maker foam at my lhs a couple days ago. I’m impressed with it so far. As far as you guys complaining about it’s price (I’ll admit I did a little too... ;)) it’s basically the same price as the brown fb. The monster foam is expensive, but hey - it’s a unique thing. If you want the ease of building a big plane, then get some. I want to make a monster edge or P-38 this next year and this will make it a lot easier for me. I’m happy to pay the little bit more to get the monster foam than try and work around using thinner stuff. I can’t afford a big box of it right now, but being able to pick up a couple sheets at my lhs is pretty cool imho. Have fun!


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I like it a lot so far myself,

Got a new build/maker foam review video I just haven't had time to get it edited with all the holiday stuff. I'll get to it this weekend hopefully...


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If you buy 60 Adam's FT 20x30 foam board sheets (water resistant), at $2 per sheet, it's the same price, and relatively the same volume as the thicker FT MF.
Comparing it to the non-water resistant Adam's foam board is a bit misleading. The FT MF is just double the price for water resistance.
And, the thicker FT MF isn't designed for molding/curving. It's mainly for flat, and folded parts.


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Yes, the new stuff seems more waterproof and stronger.
That's all my review is so far... destroying the foam in every way I can think of... 🤣

I do have a build going with it, thought it's not really a flite test plane, just re doing one of my play it by ear, make it up as I go builds. So far I love it for my make it up as I go style of building...


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Interesting, how well does it cut? Is it easy to remove the paper? how well does it bend once the paper is removed?
I've been building and testing with Maker Foam since June and it is super duper smooth to cut, and super easy to peel the paper off. When it comes to bolding the foam it's about the same as brown foam board. It is easily the best quality of foam board you can buy for building.
i am well aware that they are 2x as thick, why else would they have it?

even with that though, $120 plus at least $15 for shipping is insane. i can buy DTFB for half that price. the whole idea behind the FT FB plan was to make flight as cheap and easy as possible. if you look at the cost of the new master series P-38 you are looking @ a $200 airplane that you still have to build and paint, and is made from (lets be honest) material that isn't going to last long. no way am i spending that kind of money and time for a FB airplane that no matter how careful i am, is going to start to sag, bend, and just wear out. sorry FT, but you need to get your focus back to what made you great to begin with, cheap and easy.

@Rasterize and myself are going to be building a 250% Cub and i would LOVE to use the new makerfoam but for the cost we will be using DTFB and gluing pieces together instead.

just my $.02 again,

me :cool:
Yeah the problem with the new foamboard is that it is a pain to ship. It would be great if local hobby shops would supply it more often.