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Making a FT Spear - FPV antenna questions

The build video doesn't cover this... where and how should I mount the antenna for the VTX? I've looked through Spear related vids and photos, and there seems to be some latitude here.

Als, since this is my first fixed wing build, I expect there will also be some crashes, and I'd hate to have the antenna get ripped off right out of the gate. Would it make sense to wire it up and have the antenna sit inside while I learn using line of site (basically ignoring the FPV to start), or should I just go for the gold and do it all?

(I've been getting excellent help through this thread, but figured this would warrant its own discussion.)


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You will want a circular polarized antenna for your setup. You want it mounted vertically. I doubt their will be enough room to fit inside the wing. You would be better served to first learn to fly line of sight with out the FPV equipment in the plane. No need risking damage to your FPV gear. Fly FPV after you have learned to fly line of sight.


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Yes the antenna leads can be bent, some are designed to hold the bend.
Watch this series of videos, if I remove there are 8 in the series.