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Making a FT Spear - How do I wire all this stuff up?

Although I succeeded in building a quad, I'm a bit confused about some of the mechanics of wiring up the HW for the Spear. The construction vids are fantastic, so my foamboard came out great, but I figured I'd try to check out all the electronics and binding before inserting them into the plane, and I'm left a bit confused. Attached is a labeled photo to make my question easier to follow.

Stuff I think I know...
  • Battery to ESC and ESC to motor. Piece of cake.
  • Servos to Frsky flight controller. Easy.
  • ESC to flight controller... same way as the servos, right?
  • Antenna to video transmitter. Also easy.
Stuff I need help on...
  • How does the flight controller get powered? Do I solder up my own connection between A and the red & black of B?
  • Similar question for the video transmitter... do I make my own cabling to connect A to C?
  • What of D and E for the camera to video transmitter?
There's probably a video on this that I've not found yet. If so, just point me there and I'll crunch it from there.

Thanks all!



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The receiver gets powered by the servo cable from the esc to your receiver.

In this wiring setup A and B wouldn’t be used. Is an accessory plug for applying battery voltage... I’d use it to power your video transmitter, and power your camera from the vtx.


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On your transmitter, I believe C is power to the vtx, so that would plug into B (assuming your vtx can handle 3s or 4s voltage) and D would plug into your camera to power it and relay the video signal.


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Also having a built a quad I assume you know this, but do not power up that vtx without the antenna attached or you will fry it
So, if I've got it right...
  • The receiver/fight controller gets its power through the yellow/orange/brown servo connector... not what I would have guessed, but that's why I ask... to learn things.
  • The VTX gets its power by way of the flight controller (wiring the red & black of C to the red & black of B, after confirming that the VTX can handle 3s or 4s voltage)
  • The three wires to the camera (E) connect to similarly labeled wires on available from C & D.
Thanks also for the reminder about the antenna. I'd have done that, but it's good to keep that reminder up front.



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That’s correct except for your second one. Your vtx gets poweed From A on the esc, the little white connector.

The esc puts on 5v power on thst servo cable, and that’s what powers your receiver, and your receiver will then pas that power to the servos.


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If I am seeing the picture right you have no signal wire for throttle from your ESC. Should be 3 wires coming from the ESC to the receiver the ESC you are using is from a quad by the looks of it so will not have the signal wire for throttle.


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It looks like there’s 3 wires from the esc there... I believe that’s one of the new flite test 35a esc so it’ll have the 5v bed to power the receiver