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Making my own foamboard


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I added a bunch of glue under the paper with slome mist and left it in a room(without fan) standing so both sides get dry same..
When I checked just now it was warping all over so I put it under a bunch of books...
Yea I've never gotten a truly flat sheet, I've had them almost flat, and some really warped. Doesn't make much difference when you build the plane.it pulls everything straight.
Proper cooked wheatpaste with the correct amount of water? Should be like tomato soup on your plate thick.
It was like that but wasn't sticking
anyway 50%PVA glue with paper as thick as printing paper worked great...
It had the adhesion about the same to premade foamboard though I had to put weights on the board to keep it from warping
I am interested in learning more about your hot wire cutter setup. Did you build your hotwire cutter? If so, can you share photos and materials that you used?