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Making progress with my Laser diode cutter

I have tried it, but I think it is a wavelength issue not focus. If I use BLACK core foam board, it will cut right through it no problems.
Just wish Adams Plastic would make their foam board with a black core. The Elmers black paper on black foam core is way too heavy because they use a heavy construction paper on the outside and it is very hard to peel off the paper in areas needed,
I'm sure most everything has been tried that I could think of. Not to mention new to the game on foam cutting so haven't read a bunch of threads. My experience with CO2 lasers may not translate to diode. Have you tried using an air assist with your cuts? It helps move burnt material out of the way. You can get away with an aquarium air pump. Too much smoke can also reduce the cutting power.
My laser blows cooling air through the heat sink from the top. Works pretty good for an air assist. It is purely a matter laser wavelength. 455nm sees white material as almost transparent. But hey, it works. DR1-3.jpg