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Marvel's Avengers/S.H.I.E.L.D. Quinjet


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For the Fantasy Build Challenge I humbly include my ongoing Quinjet project that started some time ago. The latest and most fleshed out version has flown and I am currently refining the design and plans. I will no be including the lift fans or VTOL ability.

Current design Pictured below is for twin 50mm, 5 blade, 4s EDFs.
Plans are not my specialty and I tent to be a cut and fit scratch builder but I will endeavor to do my best.
Final version I hope to use 2 64mm 12 blade 4-6s EDFs, a little more detail, and retracts. But we will see.

I will no be including the lift fans or VTOL ability. Current design is for twin 50mm, 5 blade, 4s EDFs.


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I really like how you've added an elevator between the two engine pods at the same height. Hopefully that'll give it more pitch authority. Which was something mine was sorely lacking.

It looks great! Can't wait to see a video!!


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Looks amazing!!!! Did you take it for a test flight already? If so how does it fly?
Needs some tweaking. elevators are too week and it is a bit heavy. Stiffening elevators and linkages and fixing a wingtip before next flight (with video I hope). That said, it is stable and flyable, and it does look cool in the air. This is actually the third one I've made, the previous 2 were smaller, with props, one was converted to single EDF for testing. The whole thing is promising.


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Stiffened the elevators/stabilizers and fixed the damage. In addition I canted the wing tips down more. I am going to make the elevator one piece next time and move it to the top edge of the nacelles. The stabilizer will still be 3 sections cut out as a single and then trimmed to fit between the nacelles. still going to stiffen length of the elevator and the stab as well. Now it is just a wait for the weather to get better, do some more testing and wait for my 65mm fans and retracts to come in.


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Quick update; 64mm fans, ESCs, and retracts are here build has begun on next version, Unfortunately My dog is on the downhill slide and will not recover so this week is going to be rough. I will start posting when I can on the build, but it may be a bit now.


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Build is going slow but it has stated to move.
IMG_3585.jpg IMG_3586.jpg
Started with the vertical stabs. two layer for the stabilizers and one for the rudder, small servos going in the rudders themselves. This will be for rudder control and possible speed brakes.
IMG_3587.jpg IMG_3588.jpg IMG_3589.jpg IMG_3595.jpg
next was the horizontal Stab and elevator, much the same as the verticals. Servo placement will be in the nacelle. still need to embed a stiffener in the elevator due to the length.
IMG_3591.jpg IMG_3592.jpg IMG_3594.jpg IMG_3593.jpg

I am currently working on the fuselage and gear pod arrangement. The wing will actually be straightforward but I will need to start on it soon to get a good fit to the fuselage. 5 sheets of foam board, and my original plans are OK so far, with the exception of the gear pods which have had to change a lot. Also working on moving the plans to a vector art program and out of powerpoint, which is all I had to work with when I started.


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OK Guys and Gals, I did a little tonight. My Pup crossed over Monday night and I am trying to stay busy so here is the progress.
IMG_3624.JPG IMG_3626.JPG IMG_3633.JPG

IMG_3629.JPG IMG_3630.JPG IMG_3632.JPG

Fuselage and Wing
IMG_3636.JPG IMG_3637.JPG

The tail, gear pods and retracts have to be figured out before final assembly can begin.

I will add that while I will finish this project, this may not be an easily repeatable design and even if the plans were perfect this is a odd design in foam board. I am going to redesign this in time, possibly in balsa, to get the the effects I want and the proper shaping.

Thanks guys


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Gear pods on and getting ready to mount retracts. Also soldering the connection on the ESCs and extension leads today. If all goes well it will be close to taxi test by Wednesday the 2nd. At least that is my hope. The cargo door is still on the table as a possibility, but we will see how the power to weight turns out. IMG_3639.JPG IMG_3640.JPG


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Well I have a lot to do this weekend and may not get where I want to on the project. test gear swing is OK but the Angle of attack on the ground may need adjustment (smaller main wheels are a possibility).