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Mekio and the Mustang (FT Micro Mustang)

Hello everyone!

First time posting any project or anything anywhere (other than the odd YouTube clip). I have always enjoyed the FT crew, must have been watching now A good 7-8 years. Have made a few FT planes from plans up - in UK so was a bit hard to get hold of SBK, not anymore it seems :) - and a few customs builds using FT techniques. Finally, for some unknown reasons, the motivation is here to start to share. So please enjoy :)

Recently decided I wanted some models that don't take up all the room in the car. Or can squeeze into a tightly packed car! So I took the FT Mini Mustang, and printed them out onto A3 @75% scale and traced onto 3mm depron. I found that thick super glue and a good activator allowed me to superglue it all together to produce a really neat little foam.

Power system is a 0830 coreless brushed motor with a gear to the prop + DSM2 receiver with built in brushed ESC made for a really really tidy install. Battery is a 250mAh for Mobula and other little whoop type quads.

I test flew yesterday 30-6-19 and the model was underpowered - NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

But never fear, I smashed up the actual 0830 motor during install and replaced with a something that I don’t know what it is, but was about 1/2 - 3/5's the size of the 0830 so will replace that out and hopefully get flying.

A (not quite) flight vid -

A few weeks ago a made a proof of concept plane (kinda an ugly Cessna type thing), that was flying for a good 8-10mins on the 250mAh. I have included a pic in this thread so peeps can see, I have a video of it flying if anyone would like to see. It landed at the top of a tree in Devon where it's now living happily!

Thanks for the view, Take care, Happy Crashing



Woop, got round to uploading the sucsessfull remaiden of my Micro FT Mustang :)

Was a pretty windy day for such a small plane, so struggled making headway, but a good little flier with ample power.