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Mems Gyros and the cold

It‘s winter here in the UK and i have noticed my foamy Delta, which is fitted with a Eagle A3 and is normally rock solid appears to be flying a little bit unbalanced. The gyro appears to all be working ... but it just feels a little twitchy... could this have anything to do with the cold?
From my time with helis...
I noticed that gyros need time to get used to the cold, or heat. I don't understand the mechanics. But it is a noticeable difference when you let the gyros temp normalize. 10 to 15 min is usually enough... With my helis I had a hard time getting it to hold its heading. And the tail is usually to twitchy for me.

Try letting it sit outside for a few min. Make sure your battery isn't out there! And let the board and other electronics get down to the temp. Then try it.