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Help! Mentor needed, Edmond OK area.

I need help.

I am a 72 year old Grampa who worked a Grampa- GrandDaughter project this past summer building airplanes. Had problems half way through and got side tracked by life.

I need help.

I need to learn how to connect my controller up to my flight training program on my computer.

I need help too figure out where I am on my airplane build and get it finished out.

I need help too learn how to fly my plane.

Anyone in the Edmond, OK area willing to try to teach an old dog new tricks?


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I think that for much of what you are asking you will be better served here on the forums.

The beauty of our forums isn't just that you can get help. It's that the help is shared with hundreds of people over the years and around the world.

That and when you and your grand daughter fly, we all get to cheer with you! That's the gas that powers us here. :)

I would start a build thread for your plane. Let us know what hardware you have, where and how you want to fly. I am assuming you are building a foamie trainer for park flying or club flying but there is a TON of diversity here.

Keep this thread open because nothing helps like a buddy IRL who can trim a plane on the maiden if you have never done so yourself. :)

Glad to have you back in the hobby @The Double D. Good luck with your build. We'll be rootin'!


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Maybe make a you tube account so you can post videos as well. Its easier for people to diagnose things when they can actually see what its doing. Videos can be made "unlisted" so the general public cant see but still allow you to drop links here when asking for help.

The nice thing is we can laugh at things as we have all done what you are about to do and it brings back fond memories of our own struggles.
I have been down the road with posting here and I have watched the You tube's. Even called to Flite test support. All good.

What would really like to do is connect someone local who is into this, to walk me through things, to help me out, teach me, fly with me.