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Mentor nomination thread.


Wake up! Time to fly!
Helping people is what we do if we choose. Thats automatic to a lot of people. They just do it. The Tag only points people in your general direction it doesn't isolate you as the only one who can help. I started without one, helped people, I got one still helped people, I lost the tag and guess what.. I STILL help people..

So you judge if the tag is really worth worrying over. Its nice to be recognized by the community. But to help people doesn't require one and that is the ENTIRE reason to mentor people.


Knower of useless information
I made the mistake of the ft mini corsair for my first plane
I built one of those about a month ago and killed it on its maiden, shortly after takeoff. Thing is a handful!

My first plane was the Sea Duck, which shocked the Chief flight instructor when he maidened it; it came off well balanced; the hand launch basically amounted to a very simple “hold it up and let it go” and it took off incredibly smoothly. 😁

I wouldn’t exactly call it the easiest plane I’ve ever flown, but it has been pretty close! Even landing it was easy, because it always had ample clearance for the props to clear the ground when it came in for a landing...