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Merry Christmas!


Wake up! Time to fly!
Just to cover all bases Happy Chrismaquanzika to all. I hope your new toys came in on time or by sleigh.

Mine still say arriving on time the 24th by 8pm by usps..... not one file scrape or soldering iron burn on my fingers this year for Christmas. 😢

New build starting soon as parts show up and I will video the entire build to maybe help more peoples get a good start to a new year.

Happy Holidays to all and to all a good flight!


I know nothing!
I got a Flitetest gift card (Radials here i come) and something else is supposedly coming for me, i think it might be a small BNF.
I got eight rechargeable double-a's for my trans and a charger that will do eight at a time. I also got a Dremel vise which I've no doubt will come in handy for all kinds of things. It's really pretty amazing. And... my special ornament for 2018.