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MetalDanny's Vids And more

First Test with CLEAN FLIGHT

I love it .. but i need to "Fine Tune" it !!!
Got a little SHAKE in it .. but who cares Miep Miep :)
not a smooth Flight .. but a (#1 )TEST Flight !!!
After this flight .. i got no chance to Fly anymore .. many hikers / Mountainbikers and interrogators :(


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If you hit a tree at those speeds, the copter might just get stuck in the trunk...

I wonder if you pro pilots could give some tips on how to fly like that or if you'd say it's all just training and experience?
Hahaha .. I think so :p

hmm Tips: Just have FAITH in your Image (Fatshark)
Walk with your goggles + Mini to a Gap and look trough the Fatty
in the goggles everything looks smaller .. but it isn't
so if you Fly .. you now in your Brains you can passed it

after 1 year of flying with a goggles i know were i fit trough or not ... !!!
you must do everything in steps:
not do rolls and flips @ the start(beginning of the hobby) .. but nice low(1mtr) flying between 2 Trees .. Left corners .. right corners !!!

Step by Step ...!!!! (thats the Formula)

i need to learn to a lot .. i'm just a lucky flyer sometimes ;)
I Make some AIR GATES @ Home .. with some Friends ..!!!
Boris.B ..Devil31 .. Nick Janssen & HeyDude

it was a GREAT Day .. lots of FUN ..!!!
Cold Fingers .. but a Hot Heated Brain :p
only 2 degrees in the Netherlands .. but who Cares

Air Gate SIZE: 260cm(Widt) X 140xm(Height)

WATCH in 1080p60FPS
Triple T

# Tiny Tree Track #
Today I search for a Race Spot .., (no AirGates .. only Nature)
need some Practice for the upcoming Races !!

*My Pids & Rates: CleanFlight + PID Controller = 1
Roll .......4,0 / 0,045 / 32
PITCH ..4.5 / 0.038 / 32
YAW ...11,0 / 0.050 / 1

YAW RATE .............0.40
TPA ........................ 0.00
LOOPTIME ............ 2200
(set motor_pwm_rate = 488)

RCEXPO .....0.60

Cobra 1960kv (2204)
ZTW Mantis 20A (simonK)
HQ 6045 (Green on the Front // Orange @ the rear) :p
ImmersionRC 5.8•600mW + SpiroNET Omni CP Antenna
4S - 1800mah - 60C
That 45 degree angle on the board cam explains alot :)
:D :p :D
Yup Yup .. its impossible to fly on Speed without Tilted FPVcams
if you have the Standart angle (0degrees) you only see Grass and Rabbit holes ...
landing is another Story haha

@MetallDanny you've influenced my life by introducing Guano Apes to me and my buddy
LOL :black_eyed:
Nice to hear that the Indoor Parking vid inspired you !!!
i miss it a lot .. the residents complaint and we cant fly there anymore :( :( :(

Guano Apes vid for thoses who think: What ??
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Watch in 60fps 1080P :)

Finally .. no Rain :)
Lets go the the Forest and have some FUN !!!!

## Wind (bft3)
therefore i got some Oscillations (but who cares)

my Favo spot is become a POND :(
so i had to find a new Place
I always start with a short track on a new spot ...
Like the new logo :)
Thanks Balu :cool:

I get a lot of Email about CRASHING on Trees ...!!!
?!? Danny do you never Crash?!? Sure Sure .. Yes Yes .. I crash a LOT :p
so I pick some Footage from last week where I HIT a Tree

DAMAGE: 2 Props and the Cap of the IRC Spiro came loose
nothing Dramatic :) :)
I always go Whistling Home .. never have issues with Crashes (on my Stuff)
sometimes I Crush a FPVcam or a GoPro