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Micro receivers compatible with Turnigy 9X?


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
I think there aren´t any out yet, but what you can do is convert to another system using for example a FrSky module and use their micro receivers if you can´t wait enough.

Or you go for one of those 3 channel receivers if 3 is everything you need (bank and yank plane or just motor, rudder and elevator)



I have HK 6 channel recievers that are a good bit smaller than the rx that comes with the transmitter. But, I have this little scratch-built plane I have to cram too much into...

I also have a student in my RC build club at school that has a HZ Champ with a fried microchip. Replacing the module costs $60.00. Was looking for an alternative for him.


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What kind of electronics do you find in a champ?
Do they use the bric with servos on it, then it will be a challenge to get a replacement.
You can probaly find a crasched Parkzone ultra micro as a spare part supply for a few dollars.


Yep, its the all in one receiver/esc/servo brick. I'm going to call HZ tomorrow to find out if they will replace it. If not, I'll hunt on ebay.


HZ is sending a new receiver combo at no cost! Great customer service!:applause:
I'd still like to see a micro receiver/esc for the Turnigy!