micro RunCam Split 3D Pod

Part micro RunCam Split 3D Pod 1.0


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Very neat!

Also, I LOVE the new resources area and the opportunities it gives the community to share proven designs & plans. Excited to see it grow!


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Nice job on the pod guys. The 3d printing part of the hobby is exploding and I should probably look at acquiring a printer at some point.

I do have a question and you have probably already worked that out but with that enclosed as much as it is does the board get enough air? I have a V1 in my quad open to air flow and that still gets quite warm specially before getting into the air and pulling the heat off of it.

Is there potential to burning up the board say after a crash and a long walk of shame to find or retrieve it as it sits motionless?

Please don't think I am putting this down in anyway just trying to make sure there is a lower possibility of people burning out gear.


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Maybe Chad can share the files for the 3d printed parts for the pan/tilt setup he made in the "3 Person FPV Plane" video? I can't find it anywhere.

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