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I am making a twin motor micro triplane with micro quad motors and 6 amp escs. I want to use a bec but the escs I have don't have the red wire required. I still need to keep things light so how should I power the receiver?

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Thank you! How should I wire it in?

Solder a wire to the + and - of where the battery plugs in (make a cut in the heat shrink and run an solder it), and then solder those wires to the + and - of the 2-4s side of the regulator. Then, on the 5v side, solder a servo connector to the + and -. The red or orange-red wire on the servo connector is the positive, and the black or brown is negative. Ignore and don’t solder the yellow or white.

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Thanks for the diagram, TheStig4449!

Vermillion_baron: Just for clarification, you're going to want to "T" or tap into the positive and negative on the ESC side of the battery connector.