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MiG-19 64/70mm EDF


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MiG-19 Paint.JPG


I know, I keep making MiGs, I'm sorry. Still, I've had this design since this summer, and because my F-104 design has been hitting some snags. Anyway, this is a fun, fast, and maneuverable EDF. I originally made it just to see if the idea of a MiG-21 as an DTFB plane was viable, however, I really like it and I think that the MiG-19 is one of the most underappreciated MiG fighters. It was the first one to fly supersonic in level flight, and the 60 degree wing sweep looks pretty sick.

Length: 38in
Wingspan: 31in
Battery: 2650mAh 4S
Power: 64/70mm EDF
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