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MIG-25 Foxbat! Buistri-Krasivvy samolet!

MIG-25 "Foxbat" Specs:

Length: 43.75"
Wingspan: 30.75"
Wing Area: 207 sq in.
Flying Weight: 1077 g
Battery: 4s 14.8V 2500 mAh 50C
ESC: ZTW Mantis 85A ESC with 5A SBEC
Motor: (1) 70 mm 2845 KV2750 12 blade EDF unit
Servos: (4) 9g servos
Aileron: Yes
Elevators: Yes
Rudder: No
Flaps: No
Landing Gear: No
Material: Foam Board
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Faster than a speeding face plant!

I was about to ask if you had flown it yet. I didn't notice your link at first.

Some of us won't follow a link outside the forums (hackers blow). Have you considered embedding your video into your post?

If you use the elipsis icon to 'insert media' and then use the youtube link, you will get a thumbnail that shows the target in your post. It's a much safer thing for me to click on to view your flight.

This is an example of what it can look like. I can walk you through it and will remove this if you ask.

Damn fine plane there man. Beautiful build.