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Help! Mig 3 build


We are trying to build our first flitetest rc plane - Mig3. The video below doesn't quite align, as our components shipped by Flitetest are a little newer and different than the components used in the video build. We are at the step of testing the motor, as shown in the image. But the motor doesn't go. We've checked the battery power, the connections, etc -. The extra red and black leads coming off the controller are not on the one used in the video.
IY FT MiG-3 - Build | Flite Test (

Thank you fo DSC_0001.JPG r any assistance


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make sure you' re putting your plug out of esc into the servo tester correctly. you appear to have yours backwards. brown is negative (-), red is power (+), and yellow is signal (s).

that tester has a button that you press to switch between manual, neutral, and automatic. you want manual and the dial turned all the way to zero. once the esc arms (beeps), then you can use the servo tester dial to check direction.

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I agree with @mrjdstewart, red is always positive, the darkest color (usually black or brown) is negative, the lightest color (usually white or yellow) is signal.

To use a servo tester to control the ESC attach it to the output side of the tester.

The extra red & black leads coming out of the ESC are something new for me. Looks like they would supply full battery voltage to something else, perhaps some LED lights or FPV equipment.
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