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Mighty Mini F-82

Mighty Mini F-82 v1.1

Matagami Designs

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Matagami Designs submitted a new resource:

Mighty Mini F-82 - A Mighty Mini sized Twin F pack Scale Twin Mustang

A Mighty Mini sized Twin F pack Scale Twin Mustang.

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Runs on x2 2205 2300kv motors. Tested with x2 850mah 3s batteries ( one per fuse) balanced at 25% chord 1.625" from the LE swinging 6 x 4.5 props. Dry weight (no batteries) 611 grams.

Please post build questions as there are no written instructions or video.

Thanks and Enjoy!
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Matagami Designs

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Just a few pointers,

The H stab is constructed by chamfering the LE and TE to create an airfoil shape once folded over. I used a bit of hot glue in the LE and then 3m77 the rest to hold this together to save a bit of weight. Be sure to add a piece of duct tape between the layers, this will become your hinge since most of the paper is removed by the chamfering process. To finish the hinge just do a standard 45 bevel cut on each side down to the tape hinge.

When setting the H stab it is important to make sure you have good incidence. You can probably eyeball it to be flat but i made a simple fixture to set this with some scrap foam.
setting the h stab.JPG

Here are a few dimensions from the top to help get the fuselages square to each other:


Matagami Designs

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After today's flight i believe i might have found the a better way to hand launch this. Hold it by the center wing section, underhand, and give it a gentle toss up at full throttle while slightly giving a bit pitch up on the elevator, Easy.I am a bit disappointed that i put a crease on one of the wingtips from one of my 1st attempts at hand launching this bird but hope that's no longer a problem. The flight times are pretty short about 2 and a half minutes if its moving but i think it flies just fine around half throttle too, not that i have the restraint to keep it there very long. I also went and gave it max weight on the differential thrust instead of only 50%. Did a hairy looking stall turn transitioning into a spin. :p Still need to get some decent flight video.

Matagami Designs

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Another successful flight today with the F-82. Perfect underhand launch. I think I can increase my flight time to 3 minutes and be plenty safe on voltage. I need to get someone to shoot a decent video before I go and do something too stupid. The stall spins with differential thrust are a ton of fun but a bit sketchy too. Lol