Mighty Mini Messerschmitt BF-109 Build Thread

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I'm using solidworks, at least until the educational license expires. After that who knows what I'll use because I certainly can't afford a license for solidworks. Making plans for curved parts is something I really want to be able to do in CAD without a bunch of trial and error, it's the only thing holding my designs back. Papercrafters do incredible things, I really need to pick a papercrafter's brain and see what kind of software they use these days.
I found this thread its on post number four and he uses the flatten tool in solid works
Here's the thread


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Thanks a lot for the info! That's pretty much what I was expecting I had just only used it maybe once a couple of years ago. There's going to be a lot of nuance involved in it with curved parts and such that I'm going to have to look into.


I noticed as you progressed you added comments about combined v1 and v1.1 part selections, and I saw more pdf's in the thread itself. I am new to following beta builds, does the current download incorporate all your discussed changes?


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Here is the build instructions

View attachment 174017
First you want to glue the fusalage at a right angle on both sides.
Fold the paper flaps on the front then glue them in.

View attachment 174018
View attachment 174019
The next step is to glue the bottom peice onto the fusalage.

View attachment 174020
Next you will glue the bottom sheeting for the back of the fusalage onto the fusalage.

View attachment 174021
Next you will bevel the tail surfaces. Then glue them on following the flite test mighty mini p51 build video.

Insert the rudder and elevator servos now following the mighty mini p51 build video.

View attachment 174022
After finishing the tail you will glue in the former in the picture.

The turtle deck assembly:
View attachment 174023

Glue all of the formers in place
The former with the longest tab goes in front, the others go after that.
Glue the back fold onto the top of the battery hatch.
Bevel the battery hatch where it shows on the plans
After apply the poster board like it shows in the flite test mighty mini p51 build video.
Also apply the rear poster board also by following the video.

View attachment 174024
The nose you will need to peal the paper off of the back then glue together the rest
After glueing the rest of the nose trim the rest flush with the first flap.

View attachment 174025
Insert the nose brace without the hole on the bottom of the nose then mold the rest of the nose to it.
After it is able to hold it's shape glue it in.

View attachment 174026

The next step is crucial
You need to insert the power pod into the nose, then mark to top onto the nose
Remove the power pod then get the nose brace with the hole and glue it in.
You must make sure that the power pod still fits.
View attachment 174027
This is what the nose of the plane should look like this with the power pod in.

To hold the power pod in just stick two bbq sticks and trim them.

The wing assembly is easy just follow the flite test mighty mini p51 build video completely.

For the canopy I just cut the paper details then laminated it. Then fold and glue it together.

Then glue everything together
How do you make the nose pieces? They look thicker than foamboard and this is my first scratch build so I'm not sure how to do it.