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Help! Mighty mini motor.

Hello all,

I've only recently ccme back to rc flying and I'm having a lovely time scrap building the mini scout and mini mustang. However I'm having trouble picking the right electronics for the planes. My plan is to power both aircraft with the same mini power pod. I dont have acces to dtfb or adams so im stuck with westfoam which is a tad heavier. Therefor I'd like to pick out a motor thats close to the F pack motor, but I'm lost in all the different types of motors.
I've done a bit of research and the initial numbers on a motor describe the diameter and height(coils) of the motor, those have big influences in performance.
kv is rotatins per volt (sorta) and bigger kv's means smaller props which will swing faster and have more trust.
I'm quite happy with HK so if possible i'd like to order from them.

So my question is as follows, which motor is close to the F pack motor?
I picked a few choices that I felt were similar but I'd like someone to shed some light on them and explain why it'd be a good or a bad pick.




Also, servo control rods, which diameter is mostly used for 5g/9g servo's? I've heard Josh talk about 1mm rods in one of his build videos, is that a standard diameter for rods?

Thanks in advance!


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Ok, so, that depends on how you plan to fly. Fast, slow, medium? What is your skill level? The foam you listed is about is 240 grams per sheet. Add that to your heavier electronics you listed and you've got a decently heavy mini. You may want to reconsider to a lighter foam. But if your stuck with that westfoam and have no other lighter option, but you don't want a fast bird, try the 1806 motor on 3s and a 6x3 or a 5x4x3 prop. They put out about 400-450 grams of thrust and should give you sufficient power. While not super fast and not unlimited vertical it'll keep your weight down since your foam is so heavy. Otherwise, all 3 motors you listed are doable. Just depends on the speed at which you want to fly. If your ordering from hobbyking I'm sure they have lighter 5mm board available.
Thanks for the reply, glad to know the choices I made are not incorrect :)
The speed Id like to achieve is medium/fast and for my level I assume its above intermediate.
The plane is nearly finished so I'll be stuck with a heavier mini.
I visited my club and it turns out that one of the members has the turningy motor that I can borrow. I'll give that a shot and I'll post the results if desired.


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i would go with door #1 but, if thats your goal then why not buy the Emax 2205-2300kv from FT for $9.99? or from Emax directly for the same price. very reliable motor and i have used it on multiple mini's. you can go 12A, 20A, or even 30A. fly 2S-4S, and use 4-6" prop depending upon battery/esc combo. it can be a slow easy flyer or a fast bullet, pick your poison.

just my $.02,

me :cool: