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MIghty Mini Nemesis

MIghty Mini Nemesis 1.1

Matagami Designs submitted a new resource:

MIghty Mini Nemesis - A mini pylon racer with 3D printed parts

Based off the Sharp Nemesis NXT. Tested with EMAX 2205-2300kv motor, 850mah 3s battery and 6x3 prop and 20 AMP FT ESC and x4 5 gram servos. AUW of 340 grams and a wingspan of 24" Features a semi-symmetrical Armin style wing. Only one sheet of foam, a few poster board pieces, a basswood spar, and a few printed parts, I recommend PETG especially for the motor mount.

Flies on rails just keep it closer for visibility.

For build information follow the discussion tab and ask questions if you...
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Here are the build pictures to help anyone understand how this goes together. Some parts like the wing and fuselage are not exactly the same but should be close enough to get a good understanding.


The Hangar

Fly harder!
Awesome, this is high on my list! :D I’ll be building it once my 3D printer arrives, but I might start cutting out the foam parts before then.
Got the canopy and cowl printer off! I’m unsure how to set “two perimeters” in cura so I haven’t started the wing tips yet. I didn’t notice and printed the cowl stock and it turned out pretty well...